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Strategic Property Associates (SPA)

Our clients represent leading financial institutions with combined real estate assets under management in excess of $3 trillion.

Financial Institutions, Investors, Lenders, Private Equity Firms, and Money Managers have relied on SPA analysis to make key real estate lending, investment, and asset management decisions since 1993. We provide expert perspective on assets, markets, cash flows, borrowers, and management risks that assist our clients in making the best decisions with their real estate asset and loan portfolios.

Our core competency of understanding and analyzing real estate, markets, and loan structures gives us an advantage in providing a wide variety of superior services to our clients in changing markets.

Strategic Asset Services (SAS)

Strategic Asset Services was formed in 1997 with the goal of elevating the quality of annual lender property inspections as a collateral monitoring tool. With perspectives and experience gained through the extensive outsourcing services provided by the experienced professionals of SPA, SAS, with its all-employee national inspector workforce, uniquely understands the needs of the various end users of inspection reports.

For annual compliance, loan origination, lender assumption underwriting, disbursement reviews, watchlist criteria, and default management, our inspection reports are thorough, providing maximum utility, information, and accuracy. With our excellent track record in meeting deadlines and our consistent high report quality, many of our clients, who rank among the leaders of the industry, have chosen SAS as their exclusive inspection vendor. We not only provide timely and consistent reports on key property and market characteristics to determine the property’s current condition, but we also specifically identify issues that are life safety and/or may adversely impact future revenue. As well, we provide red flag alerts for items requiring additional client review.

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