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Since its founding in 1993, Strategic Property Associates has been committed to providing exceptional resources to commercial real estate finance companies seeking exceptional results. Our 25+ clients, representing institutions having combined real estate assets under management in excess of $1 trillion, have used our services with the utmost satisfaction. Our experienced employees lever our clients' efforts and provide smooth growth by handling peak work overflows. As well, we can create operating efficiencies through enhanced management tools for senior management. Our track record speaks for itself: from strategy through execution, our clients repeatedly utilize our unparalleled expertise to lever their resources and achieve superior results.

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Strategic Asset Services was formed with the goal of elevating the quality of annual lender property inspections as a collateral monitoring tool. The company has been providing superior property inspections to the industry since 1997. With training programs, strong supervision, and perspectives gained through the extensive outsourcing services provided by the experienced professionals of SPA, SAS uniquely understands the needs of the various end users of inspection reports. For annual compliance, lender assumption underwriting, disbursement reviews, watchlist criteria, and default management, our inspection reports are thorough, providing maximum utility, information, and accuracy.

Due to our stellar track record in meeting deadlines and our consistent report quality, many of our clients who rank among the leaders of the industry, have chosen SAS as their exclusive inspection vendor. We not only provide timely and consistent reports on key property and market characteristics to determine the property's current condition, but we also specifically identify issues that may adversely impact future revenue and provide red flag alerts requiring additional client review. The quality of our inspections is a direct result of the high caliber of individuals at SAS.